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features a step-by-step plan to quit smoking. Also offers cessation aids.
with effects, tips on how to stop, and medications that assist in smoking cessation.
Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking
international network of smoking cessation clinics.
Beat Their Butts Anti-smoking Interactive Series
computer game designed for teens who are not paying attention to the standard anti-smoking reasoning.
sells Nicorette gum.
creates all-natural smoking deterrent products to break or control the nicotine habit in a safe and natural way.
Clean Break Smokers' Treatment Program
cognitive treatment program for smoking cessation which includes intensive one-on-one counseling.
features a tailored quit smoking plan combined with stop smoking aids from NiQuitinCQ. Get information on quitting smoking, nicotine withdrawal symptoms, and nicotine replacement therapy.
Committed Quitters
personalized resource used in conjunction with the patch or gum to help quit smoking.
Community Intervention
educational supplemental materials and professional development to help at-risk youth on alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use, as well as tobacco intervention, cessation, and life skills.
Crafe Away
smokeless cigarette with a tobacco taste but without tar and nicotine to help smokers give up.
E-Z Quit
quit smoking the easy way with reusable E-Z Quit smokeless artificial flavored cigarette cartridges.
herbal smoking cessation system.
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Herbal De-Nics
offers natural herbal supplements to help people quit smoking.
I want to Quit Smoking
quit smoking in less then 7 days. Quit smoking naturally without agitation.
Reviews of Nicorette, Nicoderm, and all-natural quit smoking products. Quit smoking today!
sells smokeless cigarettes to help quit smoking.
Longherb Health Products
offer herbal aroma and Chinese herbal cigarettes to help quit smoking.
Medical Hypnosis
sells hypnosis CDs for weight loss and smoking cessation.
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