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Mint Snuff
weaning program to quit chewing tobacco.
provides therapeutic support to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms.
products for nicotine replacement therapy.
Oregon Mint Snuff Company
alternative to chewing tobacco and smoking.
Personal Improvement Computer Systems, Inc.
selling LifeSign, a Stop Smoking and Chewing Tobacco aid, and DietMate, a weight, cholesterol, and hypertension control aid.
Phase Out
allows smokers to continue smoking their preferred brand while reducing harmful chemical intake.
Positive Greetings
inspirational greeting cards designed to lovingly motivate your loved one to stop smoking.
Quit Cigarette Smoking
offers products and information to help quit smoking cigarettes.
Quit For Good
Control your subconscious and physical urge to smoke with this audio cassette course. Eliminate smoking in 7 days without stress, chemicals, or demanding willpower.
Quit Smoking Company
information and products to help smokers quit.
Quit Smoking Guaranteed
Offers herbal products to aid in a quitting program.
Quit Smoking in 7 Days
offers the SmokeRX natural smoking cessation program designed to eliminate cravings and help people stop smoking for good.
Quit Smoking Online
provides online help for beating a smoking addiction.
Quit Smoking Stop Smoking & Quitting Help Online
offers natural herbal aids engineered to help quit smoking and break other habits.
offers links for simple cessation products and programs to help stop nicotine addictions for good.
provides information and support for quitting smoking.
Quitting Smoking
offers a nicotine craving suppressant.
all-natural herbal therapy that promises smoking cessation within seven days.
"SmokEnders is the Oldest and Most Successful Smoking Cessation
Smoker's Rescue
"Quit smoking in 7 days!
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