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Drugs Information
Information on heroin, cannabis, cocaine, crack, LSD, magic mushrooms, poppers, speed, Yaba, and opiates.
Information on Methamphetamine and Ice from Hedweb.
CEDRO Centre for Drug Research
Combines epidemiological and longitudinal research on illicit drugs, addiction theory, and drug policy developments in Europe.
Cocaine Addiction
details drug information and addiction options provided by Narconon Arrowhead.
Cocaine Anonymous Indiana
Helps cocaine addicts find recovery throught the Twelve Step process.Site includes a schedule of meetings and more.
Cocaine Anonymous of Vancouver WA
C.A. welcomes all types of addicts,especially cocaine and crack.Local meeting schedules.
Cocaine Anonymous World Services
A global 12-step Fellowship offering peer assistance with recovery from cocaine and crack addiction.
Cocaine User Helping Hand
Dedicated to help cocaine or crack addicted people.Site contains a wide variety of information about drug abuse and more.
Community Action Team
An organization fighting methamphetamine use, production, and other related crimes.
Community Drug Alert Bulletin on Club Drugs
From the National Institute on Drug Abuse information about MDMA (Ecstasy) and more.
Coolamber Drug Rehab Centre
A residential training programme in Ireland for people committed to taking back control of their lives from drug or alcohol dependency.
Crystal Meth Madness
Informative personal site built by a recovering addict of Methamphetamines. Offers information and more.
Devil's Candy
A site intended to inform and help the victims and abusers of crack cocaine.
Drug Free Pennsylvania
Dedicated to reducing substance abuse through anti-drug public service campaigns and more.
Drugs and Death CD
A multimedia CD-ROM on the dangers, effects, and consequences of illegal drug abuse. It is intended for use by teenagers, parents, and teachers.
Drugs Bite
multimedia program about positive lifestyle choices from Stephen Arrington, an anti-drug and motivational speaker.
Drugs Info File
By Dr. Miriam Stoppard. Guide to drugs, developed from the book written by Dorling Kindersley.
Database with information on illicit drugs.
Articles on all of the major categories of drugs from alcohol and nicotine to crack cocaine and heroin.
Ecstasy Addiction
offers drug, addiction, and recovery information provided by Narconon Arrowhead.
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