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American Biotec Corporation
providing equipment and training for Biofeedback and Neurofeedback.
Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
National organization representing those with an interest in biofeedback.
Behavioural Medicine Institute of Australia
This goal is being successfully implemented through direct services to patients, through the provision of training opportunities to clinicians and more.
Bio Research Institute
Offers clinical biofeedback training, education and research, and serves as a design site for the development of advanced computerized biofeedback instrumentation.
Biocybernaut Institute
neurofeedback training.
Biofeed New Zealand
information, equipment and computer systems. Supply, trade and retail to customers worldwide.
Biofeedback Certification Institue of America
BCIA was created to establish and maintain standards for practitioners who use biofeedback and to certify those who meet these standards.
Biofeedback Foundation of Europe
Founded to promote a greater awareness of biofeedback among European health professionals. Online bulletin board, announcements of conferences and more.
Biofeedback Society of Illinois
Illinois clinicians, researchers, educators, and students interested in the application of applied psychophysiology and biofeedback training for the treatment and more.
offering computerized stress analysis systems.
EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback) used as a safe, drug-free cure for ADD, ADHD and other health issues for children and adults.
BrainMaster Technologies
manufacturer and supplier of EEG brainwave systems for clinical biofeedback, personal improvement, mental fitness, and other applications.
EEG Directory
Online directory of EEG Neurofeedback practitioners. Search by zip code.
EEG Spectrum
Neurofeedback Research and Clinical Services. Information, articles, and case histories involving the treatment of wide variety of disorders with biofeedback.
Focused Technology
manufacture and direct sale of biofeedback instrumentation. Also offering workshops and individual training.
FutureHealth, Inc.
General information on biofeedback, including meetings, research, books, and supplies. A free email newsletter called BioPsy Webzine.
Global Quantum Quest - QXCI
The Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface. Contains information, products, resources and support.
Health Psychology and Medicine
Including information on the A.D.D. Institute.
How to Relax From an Expert
Offers both personal and Professional Biofeedback Training by Jack Sandweiss. Clinic start up consultations. Intensive, weekend program for those from out of state(California).
Introducing the Accommotrac Vision Trainer
The 'Accommotrac' is an electronic instrument used by a doctor to teach a patient, by sight and sound, how to voluntarily control the eye's focusing muscle.
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