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Articles about Mantak Chia's Healing Tao system of qi gong. Maintained by Keith Franzen.
Alternative medicineless self-healing Qigong method for curing chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, heart disease.
Chinese DaMo Qigong
A healing art to cure various chronic diseases.
Complementary and Alternative Healing University
Qigong, herb dictionary. Classes offered in California. Maintained by Joe Hing Kwok Chu.
Dan Tao, The Way of Transformation
A Taoist healing art based on the full synergy between ancient alchemical practices of qigong, tai ch'i chuan, taiyin and esoteric healing meditation.
East West Academy of Healing Arts
Dedicated to training, clinical treatment, and the dissemination of information on qigong and complementary alternative medicine.
Internal Wushu Arts
Teaches a complete curriculum in the arts of Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan and Pa Kua Chang. Practice is taught for health, meditation, self-development, and self-defense.
International Tibetan Qigong Association (ITQA)
Master Zi Sheng Wang offers workshops and ongoing practice sessions to teach the techniques of self-healing.
Jane Golden's Tai Chi and Qigong
Slow set, fast set, push hands, and weapons classes and workshops.
Qigong for Staying Young
Acupuncturist, herbalist, tai chi/qigong practitioner, energy medicine practitioner and author, Shoshanna Katzman has been involved in the holistic health field for 30 years.
Workshops, educational materials and articles.
Qinway Qigong
Master Qinyin's system emphasizes energy infusion and detoxification. Offers a variety of classes, retreats, and information.
The Spirit of Qi Gong
Video and medical intuitive readings with Dr. Deborah Davis.
Universal Chigong
Combines techniques from Taoist, Buddhist and Medical Chigong to form a simple, practical, and beneficial healing program.
World Tai Chi & Qigong (Chi-Kung) Day
Annual April event which promotes and celebrates T'ai Chi and QiGong. In mutliple languages.
Wuji Productions
Offers books, videos, instruction, and China study trips.
Message board on self-healing. Multilingual site.
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