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Australian Feng Shui and Qi Gong Centre
Qi gong training, feng shui training and consulting services by Master Yu Gui Feng. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Bristol Tai Chi Association
Tai chi chuan (Chen and Yang style), qigong, yiquan taught by Mark Leonard in Bristol, UK.
Casina Settarte
Research centre for dance, physical theatre, improvisation and qigong in Apulia, Italy. Multiligual site.
Chanquanshu School of Taoist Arts
Classes in Daoyin Yangsheng Gong offered throughout Europe. Gordon Faulkner, Chief Instructor.
Chi Gung Centre
Chi gung (qi gong - Lao Tzu's Water Method) and nei gung. Retreats and workshops. Multilingual site. Cosimo Mendis, Bologna, Italy.
Chi-Gong Therapy Centre
Master Jane Yang teaches wu-ji chi-gong in Blackburn, Melbourne, Australia.
ChiLel Qigong
Qigong training and certification. Books, tapes by Luke Chan. Zhineng Qigong was founded by Grandmaster Pang Ming.
China's Living Treasures
Videotape series includes internal and external kung fu, tai chi chuan, chi kung (qigong), pa qua chang, hsing i chuan. One Hand Video, Mamaroneck, New York.
Chinese Energetic Medicine and ChinaWest
Dr. Kam Yuen offers workshops and appointments throughout the United States.
Dao Hua Gong
Dao Qigong is taught by Amadis Cammell in London, UK.
Domestic Arts Centre
Qi gong meditation, taiji, foot reflexology, nutrition taught by Maritza Lee in Markham, Ontario, Canada.
East-West Healing
Dr. Kam Yuen teaches Chinese energetic medicine throughout the U.S. The Westchester Chinese Energetic Medicine Group is based in New York.
Healer Within
Dr. Roger Jahnke, author of The Healer Within, encourages grassroots community practice of qigong. Santa Barbara, California.
Hsin Tao, the Way of the Gods
Ratziel Bander offers workshops in chan Buddhist yoga worldwide.
Jorgos Pappas offers courses in qigong in Pelion, Greece. Multilingual site.
International Bodhidharma Chi-Kung Society
Eagle in the Nest chi-kung taught by Yeshe Gyatso. United Kingdom and Czechoslovakia. Multilingual site.
International Budo Ryokukai
Ki classes available in many U.S. states.
International Institute of Medical Qigong (Canada)
Offers Chinese medical qigong therapy courses, treatments and training programs.
Jiao Qigong International
Articles and qigong workshops offered by Master Jiao Tiejun. Tokyo, Japan.
Liangong in 18 Forms (Shi Ba Fa)
'Liangong' (Shibafa) therapeutic bodywork was created in Shanghai by Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming.
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