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Accidents Online
endorses the use of chiropractic treatments following serious injuries.
Back Talk Systems
Chiropractic brochures, posters, videos, postcards, and practice aids. Useful resource for both patients and chiropractors.
Health information for patients and resources for chiropractors. Includes extensive information and articles.
joint project of Quackwatch. Skeptical guide to chiropractic history, theories, and current practices.
online publication of the American Chiropractor Magazine.
Chiropractic Information Center
Information center for those interested in what chiropractic can do to improve the quality of their lifes. Specific information is available about families and children.
Chiropractic OnLine Today
A 'NewsZine' for the Chiropractic Profession and the healthcare community.
Chiropractic Questions and Answers
Post questions to a chiropractor and view replies.
Web site presenting the dangers of chiropractic treatment, along with stories of litigation, fraud and bogus claims.
Cox Distraction Manipulation
Dr. Cox's chiropractic manipulative technique for low back pain. Details of training and a referral directory.
Dr. Gumaer's Chiropractic Pages
Information about chiropractic and training.
Planet Chiropractic
Provides features such as news, events, streaming multimedia, products.
Today's Chiropractic
magazine publication that is for promoting chiropractic awareness and understanding.
Total Practice Management
offers video tapes and seminars focused on increasing the profitability of individual practices.
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