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Alternative Cancer Treatments Comparison and Testing
Presents a unique, ?energy? based solution to the alternative cancer treatment selection problem: how to find the treatment that works best with your unique body chemistry. Also contains a color-coded table for side-by-side comparisons of 12 treatments.
Crystal Worlds For Crystal energy grids, Crystal energy grid Information
Crystals for crystal Grids, Crystal Meanings, Information on working with Crystals, Suppliers of Crystal Energy Pendants & Fields.
Natural, safe, the Far-Infrared Mineral Healing Lamp is recommended for relief
of muscular pain, sore muscles, arthritis, bursitis, back ache.
Kofutu Personal Development
Kofutu symbols allow individuals to access their inner resources in order to accelerate growth, discovery and healing.
Quantum-Touch Energy Healing
offers books and workshops for a hands-on or distant healing method.
Skincare by HealioHealth
Skin Care : Dermatologist made: Anti Aging Skin Solutions,
Skin Cleansers, Astringents, Hand and Body Lotions,
Facial Masks and Body Scrubs.
Spiritual & Energy Distance Healing and Counseling given by Master Alchemical Healer
Diane Radha Sivani is a Master Alchemical Spiritual Healer. By skillfully combining unconditional love, shamanism, energy healing and alchemy, physical, psychological and spiritual healing may be realized.
Zensight Energy Healing
Zensight is a self help energy healing technique that is extremely gentle and easy to use. Free ebook & ecourse available. No touch of any kind is involved. Learn how to heal fears, phobias, relationship concerns and unwanted patterns rapidly yet gently.
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