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123 EFT
Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for self help articles, downloads, demonstration and full EFT protocol.
Holistic therapies and products.
Behaviour Changes
Consulting and Training Services - Neurolingustic Programming / Emotional Freedom Techniques.
Caroline Myss
Articles on energy healing and training based on Caroline Myss's book, Sacred Contracts.
Courtney of Hanover
Seminars on EMF Balancing Technique? an energy system designed to work with the 'Phoenix Factor', a model of the human energy anatomy. Courtney Eves. Norwalk, Connecticut.
Dr. Alexander Lees & Associates, Inc.
Provides people new 'tools for their toolbox,' so they can get on with their lives, and be less dependent on a therapist.
EFT Emotional Freedom Technique
EFT Emotional Freedom Technique providing a safe, easy & effective solution to your health!
Free information and resource site for Emotional Freedom Technique. Manuals, guides, books, DVD's, training and treatments also available.
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Gary Craig provides online resources on EFT, a modality that works with the body's subtle energies. Gualala, California.
Quantum healing modality. Self help protocols, techniques, manuals, practitioners and events, news groups, forums.
Energy Healing - Energy Psychology
Phyllis Winslow offers body-centered therapy, training program in hands-on healing and energy therapies. Tucson, Arizona.
Fountain International
Promotes community healing world-wide.
Relational Energy Healing
Dean Ramsden offers healing through the energetics of transformation. Teacher training available.
Self Help Recovery
Charles Barbarow has developed a recovery system that heals emotional wounds, increases cognitive ability and accelerates the process of recovery.
Andy Bryce offers personal and professional coaching through the Emotional Freedom Technique and Breakthrough Bodywork. Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Time Alterations
August N. Alonzo presents a personal training guide based on natural law for self-healing and natural health.
Zenith Vibrational Colour Healing
Clears blockages within the human four body system using specific combinations of color and intent introduced by Rev. Wiltshire. Practitioners, workshops and training.
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