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Bill Wigram
Spiritual healer and reflexologist also offering healer training. United States, Middle East, and Canada.
Offers healing sessions with light, plantessence, reflexology, and sound. Multilingual site based in Bruges, Belgium.
Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing
Martin Brofman provides information on chakras and healing, Body Mirror System of Healing, workshops. Multilingual site. Lausanne, Switzerland.
Counselling-Therapy and Psychological Care
Holistic therapy, counselling, psychotherapy, spiritual care. Conrado Eduardo Grandville, director. D?nia, Costa Blanca, Spain.
Dr. Sipan
Natural therapy healer using healing touch. Umag, Istria, Croatia.
Esoteric Soul Healing
Philomena Houlihan-Wood practices a subtle-energy method of healing based on the teaching of Alice A. Bailey. Midlands, UK.
Flammehuset (House of Flame)
Educational program in telepathy. Distant healing for human beings and animals. Multilingual site. Spongdal, Norway.
Frequencies of Brilliance
Mary Johnson offers multi-dimensional energetic body work. Soul opening, aligning and integrating. Wassenaar, Netherlands.
Medicine of the Light
Gaetano Conforto describes the relationship between spirit-mind-body and healing with the help of quantum physics. Multilingual site based in Italy.
Nelly Dimitrova
Medicine woman who possesses divine power to cure people. Multilingual site. Sofia City, Bulgaria.
Runa Rosvind
Swedish healer offers reiki, rebirthing, body language work. Sessions also available in the U.S.
Regardless of age, religion, race or creed they all have the ability to help heal ourselves by balancing the subtle energies within and around our bodies.
The Light of Life
Howard Y. Lee offers energy healing treatments and workshops. Santa Monica, California, and Bologna, Italy.
World Wide Minds Connection Project
Project aims to join as many persons as possible to produce positive energy healing waves to help many persons self recover. Multilingual site based in Italy.
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