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Female shaman from Tuva. Special rituals for cleaning the energies in a house or workplace, divination. Seminars available.
Information on the chakras and how to balance them. Online chakra test.
Emerald Green Donut
Ataana Loa empowers people to activate their own transformation and healing by awakening to the consciousness of oneness. Includes mission, Ataana's profile, and newsletter.
Frequencies of Brilliance
Process opens you up to receiving birthing frequencies of Remembrance that activate all cells throughout the body, emerging into a new frequency of reality. Christine Day, founder. Multilingual site.
Quantum-Touch Energy Healing
Breathing and body awareness exercises help focus and amplify life-force energy. Workshops available.
The Art of Healing
Seminars in Phoenix, Minnesota, Chicago with Mark Earlix, author of 'Creator'. Healing circles.
The School for Women Healers
Mystery school for women. Healers' Initiation is held at Sophia Center, Maryland. Sessions and retreats offered in Colorado. Sheila Foster, founder.
Wellness of Numbers
Use a combination of colors, shapes, and affirmations to help the body heal itself.
Wezit Center Art Music Therapy
Research in Hebrew applied and sacred geometry fields in order to create of kabbalistic models of Hebrew for solution important problems. Color therapy.
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