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BioHarmonics: Frequency Therapy for Your Health
BioHarmonics is a frequency therapy developed by Linda Townsend which stimulates natural healing. Based in Hiram, Georgia.
Rife 2002 International Health Conference
Brings together people from around the world to share the incredible potential of Rife technology. Includes registration, speakers, links and contact details. To be held on March 15-17, 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Rife Frequencies
Scientific data and white papers describing the work of Dr. Royal Rife in developing technologies that utilize electro-medicine to kill harmful microbes.
Rife Wellness
sells biosolutions, global wellness, and energy wellness current frequency generators by Rife.
An alternative healing method based on Dr. Royal Rife's work with resonant frequencies to kill microbes. Research and articles by Gary Wade, physicist.
The Electrpherbalism Homepage
Information on Bioelectronics and Naturopathy, including Rife and Rife-Bare, Hulda Clark and Tesla, Also articles on alternative therapies, protocols, and regimens using vitamins, minerals and herbs.
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