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Alaskan Flower Essence Project
offers environmental essences, gem elixirs, training, and books by Steve Johnson.
Antakarana Mt. Shasta Wildflower Essence Company
Aromatherapy & flower Essences
All natural, alcohol free flower essences, aromatherapy and personalized blends created on a micro-eco farm and wildlife sanctuary.
Aum Himalaya Sanjeevani Essences
offers devices, flower remedies, gels, and health products.
Clear Path Essences
wildcrafted and organically grown vibrational flower essences from the quiet valleys of rural Ontario.
offers single flower and special blend essences.
Delta Gardens Center for Flower Essence Products & Education
flower essence products including gem elixirs and vibrational amulets for spiritual and emotional healing. Also offers practitioner workshops and personal consultations.
Dr. Edward Bach Centre
offers flower remedies tinctures and publications.
offers complimentary treatment using flower remedies from Dr. Edward Bach.
Findhorn Flower Essences
provides a reference source for the selection and use of flower essences for emotional harmony and spiritual well-being.
Fleurs de Vie
European distributor for flower and mineral essences from Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, South Africa, and the USA.
Flower Essence Energy
Maggie Smith's email readings and custom flower essence formulations. Also detailed women's rituals to follow when using essences described.
Flower Essence Services
develops and distributes flower essences and related herbal products.
Flower Essence Society
Nonprofit educational and research organization dedicated to flower essence therapy. Offers classes, training, and research.
Flower Vision Research
quality flower, gem and environmental essences available from all over the world.
Healing Flowers
vibrational medicine educational site promoting the professional services of Eileen Hutcheson, M.Ed., certified flower essence therapy practitioner.
Healing Herbs
makers of flower remedies according to the directions of Dr. Edward Bach.
High Sierra Botanicals
Many new important stock essences from the High Sierra. Synergistic Formulas for healing, well-being, transformation.
Kaua`i Healing Energies
flower and gem essences.
Living Essences of Australia
sells range of Australian alternative medicines based on natural flower essences.
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