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Center for Conservative Therapy
Fasting clinic in California: medically supervised fasting and vegan diet in a health promoting environment.
Colon Care Center
Located in Roswell, Georgia. Offers information about the Colon Hydrotherapist as well as the colon hydrotherapy. Also who may benefit from this therapy and some information about toxic waste.
Colon Health Center
An alternative health and wellness therapy center in Atlanta.
Fasting Center International
Provides a program to lose weight, heal, detoxify, increase energy, clarity and spirituality.
Goldberg Clinic
Dr. Goldberg has worked with thousands of patients in reversing chronic diseases. He has published extensively, and is well known for his high success rate. Detoxification and natural hygiene methods.
Health and Beyond Online
Collection of natural health articles devoted to detoxification through diet and/or fasting.
Intestinal Health Institute
Sheila Shea offers information, newsletters, and late breaking news in the field of colon hydrotherapy and intestinal health. The goal is education and prevention.
Living Foods Institute
Training center in Atlanta, Georgia. Internal body cleansing, living foods, holistic health education, based on the teaching of Dr. Ann Wigmore.
Nutrition by Design
Lists the specialties which include a detox and cleansing program. Includes nutritional news and client resources. Located in Seattle, Washington.
Sanctuary Wellness Centre
Located on Koh Phangan, Thailand. Includes information about accommodations, the centre and the fasting program.
Tanglewood Wellness Center
Information about seminars, workshops and fasting. Located in Bethesda, Maryland.
The Wolfe Clinic
Darrell L. Wolfe. Guides chronically ill clients into vital health with personalized nutritional programs, cutting edge products, and unlimited support. Telephone nutritional consultations.
Ventura Center for Healing
Offering a list of services which include colonic irrigation, nutritional counseling, reflexology, massage therapy, Reiki, ear candling, and detoxification programs. Located in Tarzana, California.
Yin-Yang Colonics
A unique approach to internal cleansing using muscle and emotional balancing, the Infrasonic QGM, herbs/ fibers and colon hydrotherapy. Indianapolis, IN, USA.
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