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9 Mountain
holistic health and outdoor education center. Facility is available for workshops & group retreats.
Adrenal Fatigue
offers advice and products for treating lethargy, fatigue, sleep disorders, mild depression, diabetes, allergies, stress, and auto-immune disease.
Alok Holistic Health & Spiritual Retreat
Integrating urban lifestyle with global adventures; city workshops with spiritual retreats in nature; yoga and meditation with magical dance parties; health and nutrition with spirituality and celebration.
Biological Terrain
Information on live blood microscopy and Biological Terrain Analysis.
Bob Davies MAR
Reflexology for stress management and holistic health.
Calming Touch
Features treatment through aromatherapy massage, reflexology and Indian Head massage.
Chen Tai Chi Academy, The World of Taijiquan
To impart and benefit everyone with a holistic, 3-tier learning framework for Chen Tai Chi, which results in improved health, better physical mobility and flexibility, maintain and enhanced mental alertness.
Chinese Medicinal Food Therapy
Promotes the Chinese knowledge of using natural foods and herbs as medicine to prevent and treat sickness.
offers the self-discovery program entitled Accelerated Transformative Practice to become a more balanced person using alternative medicine and holistic health practices.
Connecticut Center for Health
alternative medicine center using naturopathy, acupuncture, herbal and Chinese medicine, osteopathy, and nutrition to treat chronic diseases nationwide.
Crcdamun Energy Healing and Holistic Education
offers holistic education for energy healing and personal growth.
Energy Tools International
Offers information on energetics, energy and vital force technology, subtle energy, treated water, and electromagnetics for natural and holistic healing.
Esoteric Ferret
Exploring methods and alternative medicines. Links to topics dealing with aromatherapy, herbology, vitamins, homeopathy, holistic medicine, allergies, migraines, asthma, diet and nutrition.
Eternity Medicine
Information on Eternity Medicine with a focus on anti-aging.
Etherium Technology, Inc.
Harmonik Ireland
Information on the healing properties of Living Water, Molasses, Essiac, Kombucha and many other alternative therapies.
Healing Beam
Focuses on spiritual wellness, provides articles, poetry, and proverbs.
Healing Depression through holistic means
This site is focused on a holistic program for healing depression.
Healing Net
A people, products and services directory, Events Calendar and Glossary for the Holistically Minded.
Health and Happiness For You
A journey of self improvement giving answers to those searching for better lives in a simple plan for healthier and happier living.
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