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A Homoeopathic Informatics Cyber Center
Providing information on Homeopathy. Presented in the form of frequently asked questions, articles and disease management and explains disease conditions in simple English.
AMC Homeopathy Online
An alternative healing system of medicine. Homeopathy for health, is one of the safest forms of medicine and treats acute and chronic illnesses.
Asthma in Children
Homeopathy India Foundation (founder - Dr. Ashok Shah) site offering information about treatment for children with asthma offering online consultation.
Bhadra Homoeopathic Forum
A voluntary service organization involved in classical homoeopathic treatment for chronic diseases.
Classical Homeopathy Online
Lynne Boyes offers homeopathy consultations online.
Dr. Bhatia's Virtual Homeopathy Clinic
Health consultation with case forms.
Dr. Hussain Saman
Offering online answers to submitted questions.
Homeocare Online
Online homeopathic clinic of Dr Renu Nath, from Baroda, Gujarat. Offers homeopathic solutions for various diseases.
HomeoConsult - Dr. Vaknalli
Information on homeopathy and an alternative solution for ailments. Offers free advice, treatment options, quick remedy guide, documented cases, and resources.
Dr. R. Gnanasambandam provides an extensive and comprehensive information source on homeopathy. Includes articles, disease entities, chat and video conferencing and search capabilities.
Dedicated to providing on-line services to homeopaths and individuals wishing to use homeopathy.
Homeopathy and Natural Health Care with Mr. Marar
Provides a range of advice, support, and information including homeopathy, bioresonance treatments, and allergy testing, by registered homeopath Mr. N. Marar.
Homeopathy Helpline
Form and email consultation for a fee. Manned by British homeopath Francis Treuherz.
Provides Online homeopathic consultation, articles, case reports and related information.
On line Homeo Clinic
Online submittable form for consultation with a homeopath.
Petrondas Homeopathic Clinic
Online treatment and information.
Sushanti Homeopathic Clinic
Dr Nitin Dhole's site (India) offering email consultations and treatment options for chronic diseases.
Online homeopathic clinic for vitiligo and leucoderma treatment located in Mumbai.
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