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Mottin and Johnson Institute of Hypnosis
Offering Hypnotherapy Certification, and the latest advanced training in person or through correspondence.
New England Institute of Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy correspondence courses and distance learning. School for hypnotherapy certification. (Chester,VT)
North American Institute of Neuro-Therapy
Distance learning offering the most modern, neurological approach to mental training (hypnotherapy.)The only program offering Subverbal Shifting.
Ontario Hypnosis Centre and School
A government accredited school and clinic for hypnosis. (Canada)
SoulWorks Hypnotherapy Training School
Teaches a form of hypnotherapy called 'Imaginal Hypnotherapy,' which is a natural extension of Transpersonal (beyond the personal ego) Psychology. E-mail counseling/supervision. (Boulder, CO)
Tara School of Hypnotherapy
Based in Liverpool offering hypnotherapy training.
The Academy of Professional Hypnosis
Offers Certification in Basic, Advanced, and Advanced Clinical HypnoCounseling. Licensed by The New Jersey Dept. of Education.
The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
The ICHP offer comprehensive Certificate and Diploma courses in all areas of ethical, clinical hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis and psychotherapy, through distance learning and advanced practical classwork.
The Institute of Dynamic Hypnosis
A large resource of information on hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnosis training tapes, CD's, videos, DVD's, script books, trance music, professional hypnosis directory, articles on hypnosis and associated links.
The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards
Offers basic, advanced, and a master clinical hypnotherapist courses. (Deland, Florida)
The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy provides training in Hypno-Psychotherapy at venues in London, Glasgow, Liverpool, and Northern Ireland
The New Focus Institute for Clinical Hypnotherapy
On-site and distance learning in beginning to advanced hypnotherapy, accelerated learning, and related disciplines. Both metaphysically and medically oriented. ABH-approved. (Canoga Park, CA)
The Northern College of Clinical Hypnosis
Professional Practitioner training in Clinical Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy in the North of England. Independently accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis qualification. No experience required as fully comprehensive, practical training given.
The Northern College of Therapeutic Hypnosis
Hypnosis and hypnotherapy instruction through a series of courses held throughout the North of England.
The Quest Institute
The training and personal development to promote use of hypnotherapy and NLP for people with serious illness.
The Robert Shields College
Information available to download or buy on CD.
The School of Analytical and Clinical Hypnotherapy
(SACH) is a psychotherapy, counseling and hypnotherapy training school in Essex. (UK)
Katherine Zimmerman is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist trained at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Santa Rosa, California.
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute
Home Study Certification Trainings, synthesizing Transpersonal Psychology, clinical hypnosis, NLP, past life regression, intuition, medical hypnotherapy.
Twa Acres Hypnotherapy Training Center
Training School for the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists, Blairgowrie, Scotland.
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