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123 EZ Pain Relief
offers a variety of magnetic therapy products.
AAA Magnetic
sells a variety of styles of magnetic and copper bracelets, necklaces, rings for golf, sports, and everyday use.
Ace Magnetics
Offers gold and silver magnetic bracelets and copper sports jewelry in linked and banded styles.
Advanced Magnetic Research Institute
Clinic for magnetic molecular energizing, physician profiles, clinical data, and book reviews.
Affordable Health Store
specializes in magnetic therapy products including insoles, jewelry, bracelets, supports, and pads. Also sells vitamin supplements.
AMRI of North Carolina
List of conditions they treat with MME(magnetic molecular energizing), nutrition guidelines, and staff profiles.
Arizona Unipole Magnetics
offering North pole/unipole magnetic therapy products and related information.
Back Support Brace
Range of bracing support systems including back brace, back support brace, back seat cushion, knee brace, ankle support, elbow brace for any type of accidental injuries.
Baron Styles, Inc.
manufacturer of standard and magnetic quilts. Offers private label service for their products.
Message forum, therapy testimonials, and research articles.
Bio Electro Magnetic Therapy
Message forum, therapy testimonials, and research articles.
BIOflex Medical Magnetics, Inc.
offers magnetic therapy products.
Biomagnetic Therapy Association
Application, news, and case studies.
Blackswan Distribution
offers magnotherapy products for health and pain relief in people and animals as well as car and fuel saving conditioners and mobile phone radiation protection devices.
BMI Magnetics International LLC
provides magnetic pain relief products.
Body Vibes
Electromagnetic 'alternative' treatment for prostate and breast cancer.
C&H International
sells TDP lamps to treat arthritis and shoulder, back, and joint pain manufactured with the original technology of inventor Gou Wenbin.
Center For Implosion Research
offers EMF harmonizers, vortex energizers, and water enhancing products.
Complete Magnetic Store
sells magnetite jewelry, sleeping systems, magnets for health, body wraps and supports, pet collars and beds, and 'soft' water magnets.
Curatronic Ltd.
manufacturer of home and clinical pain therapy systems. Also offering blankets and wraps for horses.
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