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Discover Magnetics
offers products, photos, and information about magnetic therapy pain relief products.
offers a variety of magnetic therapy products and more.
E-Magnet Shop
offers a complete line of magnetic health products.
Electromagnetic Hazard and Therapy
A quarterly news report on the health hazards and therapeutic uses of electromagnetic fields covering research on mobile phones/masts, powerlines, VDUs, and microwaves, plus electro-magnetic and related therapies.
FDP Magnetics
selection of magnetic therapy and pain relieving products, including bracelets, bangles, rings, necklaces, and wraps.
GoldenRule Pty Limited
provides the quantronic resonance system product that produces a pulsating, saw tooth electromagnetic field.
Healing with Magnets
Articles on therapy techniques, magnetic water, and history.
Holcomb Health Care Services
offering Magna Bloc magnetic pain therapy, a noninvasive pain relief technology.
offers magnetic and alternative therapy products.
Institute of Technical Energy Medicine, Inc.
free educational reports on aura imaging science, magnet therapy, and alternative health, plus professional resource and development for bioenergy and energy medicine.
Jade International (Far East) Ltd
manufacturer and exporter of magnetic health jewelry and supports.
Just Magnotherapy Plus
Sells magnetic jewellery and supports, colloidal silver and generators, water distillers, electromagnetic therapy solutions, and more.
Keeping Healthy Inc.
Magnetic wraps, supports, and jewelry, as well as nutritional and health products.
Kimberly Health Products
offers a variety of unipolar magnetic therapy products including jewelry, pillows, and wraps.
Magic Belt
alternative magnetic back pain healing therapy for back problems and support, as well as golf hats.
Magna-Pak Inc.
books, courses, wraps, cushions, jewelry, sleep systems, seats, and therapy pads.
Magnatech Labs, Inc
offers wearable magnetic pain relief products.
makers of therapeutic magnetic products for pains and aches, as well as overall physical well-being.
offering magnetic products for elbows, knees, wrists, and other areas.
Magnet Emporium
sells magnet therapy products.
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