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Magnetic Health Inc.
Magnetic Health Therapy Products
sells jewelry, wraps and supports, insoles, bedding, and more.
Magnetic Jewelry Originals PLUS Magnetic Healing Aids
Magnetite Jewelry: Popular Brand Names; Sleeping Systems; Magnets for Health; Body Wraps and Supports; Pet Collars and Beds; 'Soft' water magnets.
Magnetic Mattress Supply
manufactures magnetic mattress pads.
Magnetic Products International
offers magnet therapy products including mattresses, shoe insoles, jewelry, and more.
Magnetic Supply Company
imports, manufactures, and supplies magnetic therapy products.
Magnetic Therapy
Learn how to fight pain naturally with magnets.
Magnetic Therapy
Basics of how it works, controlling pain, animal and human study results.
Magneto Therapy
sells magnetic therapeutic devices to improve general health and offers information about how it works.
Description and explanation of magnetic therapy for relief of arthritis, arthrosis, and rheumatoid arthritis without side-effects.
MDI Ltd.
electromagnetic therapy services.
Metal Medic
offers copper bracelets and magnetic health products for alternative pain relief.
Nederland Biomagnetics
Articles about the treatment of diseases and comments from patients.
North Pole Magnets
offers a variety of magnetic therapy products including bracelets, flexibles, wraps, pillow inserts, mats, and more.
sells braces, supports, mattress overlays, and foot care products.
shoes which have a magnet over the stubo (nurve reflective points).
Pain Relievers
Offers massage therapy equipment, pillows, magnets, braces, lumbar supports, thermal packs, and more.
offering a variety of magnetic products including mattress pads, wraps, inserts, pet pads, golf, and jewelry accessories.
PsychoPhysics Labs
offers information on magnetic therapy, research, and products throughout the world.
Quantron Resonance System
offers pulsed magnetic field home device for health maintenance and wellness.
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