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Melisa Medica Foundation
Accurate modern diagnostics using the Melisa Test detects undesirable health effects from dental metals and metal allergies.
Mercury Free and Healthy
Information about mercury amalgam fillings from DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome) Inc. and Consumers for Dental Choice (National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy).
Multi-Pure Solid Carbon Block Drinking Water Purifiers & Filters
Multi-Pure solid carbon block drinking water purifiers & filters. Tested & certified for 67 contaminants including Arsenic. Stainless steel or plastic, counter top or below sink, 25 year warranty. Reverse osmosis & shower filters, too. Drink pure water for good health!
Handcrafted candles made from pure sweet, honey-smelling beeswax. Votives, tapers, pillars, glowing vessels, container candles and beeswax by the block.
Organic Style
Ezine with resources for living a balanced lifestyle with organic health, beauty, food, and garden features.
Soleco Habitat Facility
Demonstrates construction methods that can minimize the depletion of the Earth's resources.
Sparrow Oilz Pvt., Ltd.
Eco-friendly agricultural and horticultural spray-oil, bio-degradable to help prevent insects, fungus and virus disease in plants.
The Edelson Center
Medical facility treating heavy metal toxicity. Dr. Edelson is author of the book 'Living With Environmental Illness: A Practical Guide to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.'
Offers education about toxic metals being used in dentistry today with case histories and resources.
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