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Alternative Medicine Foundation
Provides evidence-based research resources for health care professionals and information for patients and consumers about alternatives to conventional western biomedicine.
American Alternative Medical Association
Board certification for traditional and non-traditional doctors as Alternative Medical Practitioners (AMP).
American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)
Nonprofit alternative medicine society dedicated to educating physicians on the latest findings and emerging procedures in preventive/nutritional medicine.
American Society of Alternative Therapists
Professional association of holistic health practitioners.
Association for Comprehensive NeuroTherapy (ACN)
Features a newsletter dealing with alternative treatments for Tourette syndrome, ADD, ADHD, and autism and learning disabilities.
BodyTalk System
The IBA is responsible for the direction of BodyTalk, practitioner standards and credentialing.
Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health
Devoted to the scientific examination of unproven alternative medicine and mental health therapies, which have become increasingly popular in the United States and the world.
Complementary Medical Association
Established to ensure that the public has access to professionally qualified complementary medical practitioners who adhere to the highest standards of practice and ethics.
Complementary-Alternative Medical Association (CAMA)
Organization working to educate the community, health practitioners, and lawmakers about complementary alternative health through lectures, workshops, and other activities.
Dr. Hulda Clark Outreach and Research Foundation
Books and treatments aimed at finding the cures for all diseases.
Health Action Network Society (HANS)
HANS is a registered Canadian Charity whose mandate is to provide information about alternative health care
Institute for Complementary Medicine (ICM)
Advisory body offering information about affiliated courses, standards, and research for patients and practitioners.
International Association of Mind-Body Professionals (IAMBP)
Dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional and alternative health and wellness.
Loving Life
A nonprofit foundation dedicated to ressearch and teaching in touch healing.
Offers audio guides and training in the medical uses of meditation for general medicine, childbirth, and hospice care. Non-profit service of the World Health Foundation.
National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH)
Offers a healer referral service as well as healing development training and courses.
RAH Foundation
Funding research in alternative and complementary treatments for cancer and other life-threatening or chronic illnesses.
Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine (SRAM)
Peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to objectively analyzing the claims of 'alternative medicine.'
Stichting Orthomoleculaire Educatie (SOE)
Dutch Orthomolecular Education Foundation; founded to distribute the knowledge and the application possibilities of orthomolecular science by supplying information and advice.
The Marion Foundation
Supports groups addressing social, economic, and environmental issues.
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