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Amira Alchemy
Amira Mah practices Tibetan medicine including herbalism, color therapy, and Vajrayana Buddhist meditative practices. Free health advice given worldwide. Based in Alachua, Florida.
Christopher Hansard, Physician of Tibetan Bon Medicine
Master Physician of Tibetan B?n Medicine. Author, educator on ancient Tibetan lifestyle, health, and spirituality. Based in Canada.
Dr. Despot is a crystalo-therapist practicing Tibetan medicine in Rijeka, Croatia. Multilingual site.
Healing Jewel of Medicine Buddha's Compassion
Antonia Dechen Strub offers treatment in Fehraltorf, Switzerland. Multilingual site.
Kailash Centre of Oriental Medicine
London-based clinic offers treatments by practitioners with expertise in various traditional medical systems, including Tibetan Herbal Medicine.
Tibetan Energy Medicine
Rae Hatherton, healer and teacher, practices Tibetan energy medicine in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Tibetan Healing Center of San Diego
Promotes and preserves Tibetan Medicine by integrating with western and gobal healing practices.
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