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Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation
continuing education courses designed for health care professionals who want to incorporate behavioral medicine techniques into their practices.
Blue Poppy Press
publisher of books, audio and videotapes, and reports on Chinese medicine, including acupuncture. Also offers on-site, online, and distance learning professional education seminars.
provides workshops for health professionals approved for continuing education credits that integrate craniosacral, TMJ-dental, and fascial therapies.
European College of Bowen Studies
collates information about courses and instructors, as well as a listing of Bowen Technique practitioners in the U.K.
Institute for Teaching Contemporary Acupuncture (ITCA)
provides a two-day seminar for practitioners that do not practice acupuncture.
Institute of Technical Energy Medicine, Inc.
free educational reports on aura imaging science, magnet therapy, and alternative health, plus professional resource and development for bioenergy and energy medicine.
International Mystery School
provides counseling and mentoring services and offers a practitioner program in Noetic Field Therapy.
Jenings Training & Treatment Centre
providing seminars, books, manuals, and videos on myofascial release technique.
Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc.
offers certification in an ancient art of harmonizing the life energy in the body.
Offers products for growth and slimmer legs, stretching exercises, parenting advice about sex selection, and more.
Magnified Healing
offers workshops in this technique.
Massage Therapy Schools
offers referrals for schools and training in the healing arts including massage therapy, Reiki, Shiatsu, acupuncture, reflexology, Ayurveda, and more.
Medical Acupuncture Research Institute of America (MARIA)
sponsors meridian regulatory acupuncture (MRA) training seminars.
Mind in Motion
provides individual sessions, public workshops, injury-prevention training, and professional accredited programs on the Feldenkrais Method. Locations include California, Australia, and the Netherlands.
Rapid Eye Institute
offers training, courses, and materials for the Rapid Eye Technology method, used for improved mental health and wellness.
Southwest Acupuncture College
with campuses in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Boulder.
offers home study, video, and hands-on programs in color light therapy.
Suzanne Connolly Workshops
specializes in conducting workshops on Thought Field Therapy. Treats anxiety, trauma, addictions, and more.
TARA Approach
offers training to healthcare providers, therapists, bodyworkers, and survivors in the use of Jin Shin TARA to resolve the effects of abuse, shock, and trauma.
Therapy Training
provides training in the Bowen Technique, first aid, practice management, and other complementary therapies including Eastern European.
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