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Annisage: Healing touch for animals
Maria Duthie, licensed massage therapist, does massage therapy, acupressure, craniosacral therapy and Reiki on dogs, cats and horses.
Companion Animal Massage
Texas licensed RMT in the Houston area with over 14 years experience in massage, education, energy work and other modalities.
A mobile service specializing in dogs, but devoted to the welfare of all animals through body massage and touch. Located on Oahu, Hawaii.
Equine Body Work with Rebecca Thomas
Sports massage and acupuncture in the California Bay Area.
Equitouch Massage
Massage for the equine sports athlete.
Galen Therapy Centre
Canine massage therapist Julia Robertson.
Integrated Animal Therapies
Information and insights into the types and uses of animal massage, acupressure, myofascial release and craniosacral work as complementary therapies for a variety of ailments and injuries.
IP Touch
IP Touch training manual for the owner, by Amy Herzlich, Animal Care & owner Training Specialist.
Massage Spirit
Massage, Touch Therapy and Reiki for cats and dogs. Helps improve arthritis or injuries, plus calms animals when transitioning to a new home.
Mobile Pet Massage
Techniqes and information to enrich pet life and empower the relatioship between pet and owner through hands-on massage, familiarity and compassion.
Ohms Horse Massage Service
Promoting the benefits of Equine sport therapy with pictures and case reports.
The Wizard of Dog
Christian Langeder is a soft tissue Bowen therapist for animals.
Two Hands Four Paws
Canine Massage Therapy, Rehabilitation and Swim Therapy.
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