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Animal, the Wellness Magazine
Articles on natural healing and nutrition, advice from leading animal experts, coping with pet loss, and acting on behalf of endangered animals.
Energy-based healing method that bridges holistic animal healthcare with traditional veterinary medicine. For all animals: horses, dogs, cats, birds, exotic animals.
Rays of Healing Light
Rev. Nedda Wittels is a telepathic Animal Communicator, Spiritual Counselor, and Shamballa Master/Teacher, and more.
Based on the Feldenkrais Method for people, SENSE can improve animals' well-being, athletic performance, and behavior through the use of gentle, nonhabitual touch and movement.
Linda Tellington Jones - T-Touch Equine Awareness Method can help you create a more wonderful partnership with your horse, dog, cat, bird, bunny or another animal companion.
Tellington Touch Cornwall
Tellington Touch is a gentle technique to help with a companion animals health, behaviour and well-being.
Tellington TTouch of Northern California
Information on TTouch, training programs and companion animal practitioner directory for Northern California.
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