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Provides information to improve the health and well-being of cats.
Blakkatz Cattery
Blakkatz Cattery is home to naturally raised American Shorthairs.
Bordetella Bronchiseptica
Description of the disease and its causes. Intranasal vaccination as a means to combat upper respiratory infections.
Cat Health and Cat
Tips on choosing supplies, information on food, nutrition, and grooming, and for additional information.
Cat Help Online
Feline health care information, glossaries, library, emergency considerations, veterinary information, articles and references.
Cat's Pride
Makers of kitty litter. Information on litter boxes, and care.
Fat Cat Inc.
Feline information to include health-related.
Feline Advisory Bureau
Charity devoted to the health and welfare of cats and the encouragement of feline veterinary specialization.
Glamour Kitty Cat Litter
Product information about the 4 types of litter sold.
Dedicated to holistic cat care, natural feeding of cats and specific behavior and health issues.
Featuring cat health and welfare information and free pet memorial pages.
Nurturing the True Carnivore
Information by Feline Future about feline nutrition, cat food, and its impact on behaviour, with recipes and analysis, plus information on Instincts cat food.
Older Cat Health Information
Advice on older cat health care including geriatric issues such as arthritis and senility.
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