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American School of Equine Dentistry
Four week course that prepares a student for entry into a full or part time career as an equine dental technician. Not a government accredited school.
Australian Equine Dental Practice
Peter Borgdorff, equine dentist and founder of the AEDP, deals with problems with the horse's teeth and methods of dentistry.
B.B. Equine Dentistry
Equine dentist in Pennsylvania for dental care of horses teeth. Floating, balancing, incisor reductions, and wolf tooth extraction.
Break'n Acres Equine Dentistry LLC
Equine Dentist serving New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Routine, Performance and Power Floating. Equine mouth re-balancing.
Discerning Hands Dentistry
Includes a discussion on power instruments and their use to be the best remedy against dental problems, a summary of common equine malocclusions, and photos. Located in Crystal Falls, Michigan.
Dr. Mary S. DeLorey DVM - Equine Dentistry
Mary S. DeLorey DVM, equine practitioner provides equine dental services throughout the state of Washington.
Equi-Dent Technologies
Manufacturing motorized equine dentistry instruments and offering training courses around the US.
Equine Dentistry
Deals with all matters of equine dentistry, and allows you to arrange a dental check for your horse in the UK as well as ask questions.
Equine Dentistry Info
Veterinary Surgeon dealing with aspects of the teeth of the horse and dentistry. It includes a section on ageing the horse and a comprehensive photo section. By Hanne Engstrom of the UK.
Harlton's Equine Dental Specialties
This company has supplied items such as floats, blades, forceps, extractors since 1981 and now supplies a motorized dental system developed by two equine veterinarians and an equine dentist.
High Peak Equine Dentistry
Provision of equine dental services. Based in the High Peak area of Derbyshire UK.
Horse Dentistry
Dr. Tom Allen provides information and articles about equine dentistry, with photos and graphical aids.
Irish Equine Dentistry
Mick Dillon offers services as a US trained Equine Dental Technician in Ireland.
Jane Carmichael: Equine Dentistry
Jane Carmichael, equine dental technician working in Dorset and the South West region of the UK, explains some of the reasons for equine dental problems and their remedies.
Mobile Equine Veterinary Dental Care
Dr. Faragalla operates a mobile equine veterinary practice which provides dental examinations and procedures. Information on basic dental care and problems.
Performance Equine Dentistry
Mobile equine veterinary dental practice limited to Washington and Oregon. Dr. Richard Vetter discusses treatment, procedures, equipment, follow-up, and FAQ.
The PowerFloat is an adjustable, multi-purpose, electric float used in equine dentistry by veterinarians worldwide.
Professional Equine Dentistry
Dr. B A Rucker provides information on equine dentistry using FAQs, case studies and numerous pictures.
Rena's Equine Dental Instruments
Manufacturer and supplier of motorized and hand operated equine dental instruments and provider of 2-day instruction courses to US veterinary clinics.
Robert Muccino Equine Dentistry
Very brief information limited to a description of the types of teeth. Robert Muccino also states that he practices gentle Equine Dentistry.
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