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Connie Jessup's facial exercise tutorial
Offers customers instant access to a web-based facial exercise program.
Denver Colorado Plastic Surgeons
The Center for Aesthetic Facial Surgery, Denver Colorado plastic surgeons.
A video program for sale which gives guidance on how to strengthen and lift the facial muscles.
FaceFirm Workout
Facefirm is a unique facial workout video set to music. 'Just like aerobics, but from the neck up.'
Flex Effect
Facial exercise, resistance training. Looking for a particular exercise? Site offers message board, video for sale.
Program developed by Hanna Ibes, Inc. to reverse muscle imbalance caused by repetitive facial movements. Includes devices and instruction.
Gloria Martel System
Skin Care system focuses on light therapy and exercise to reduce wrinkles and improve skin condition.
Oris Vista Face Exercise Ball
Facial exercise kit utilizes an exercise ball specially designed for the face.
Rejenuve by Cynthia Rowland
Facial improvement products including the Facial Magic exercise program, Luscious Lips enhancement pump and Tellurian Skin Care line.
StarFace Facial Fitness Training
Facial fitness and treatments, skin care, and cosmetics. Starface offers non-surgical facelifts and post-surgery recovery. Facial exercise and massage movements to reshape your facial features.
Tua Viso Facial Exerciser
Device designed to stimulate and tone facial muscles using electrical impulses.
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