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Travel Nursing

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Looking for a travel nurse agency that can help you with travel nursing jobs, per diem nursing and direct placement? Look no further. Expedient Medstaff does nurse staffing plus so much more. The experienced healthcare recruiters will work hard to fill all your needs.

Expedient Medstaff is leading healthcare staffing provider serving hospitals, health systems, and Fortune 500 companies through out the United States. The company was founded by Registered Nurses and offers over 10 years experience in healthcare staffing.

Travel Nursing with Expedient Medstaff, a leading travel nurse agency, will bring excitement and adventure to all your future nursing jobs.

Dynasplint Products

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Dynasplint systems dynamic splints use low-load prolonged duration stretch technology to help patients recover more quickly and attain a wider end range of motion. Flexion, dorsiflexion, extension, hyperextension, supination, and pronation treatment devices that reduce recovery times by continuously stretching joints at low intensity.

Dynasplint systems are bilateral spring loaded tensioning devices that help to increase joint range of motion (ROM) for patients experiencing ROM deficits due to shortened connective tissue while decreasing range of motion rehabilitation time and cost.

Dynasplint systems apply a low-load prolonged stretch (LLPS) to the connective tissue by seeking the patient’s end ROM. The low intensity stretch is comfortable and safe allowing the patient to wear the splint for an extended period of time.