Eye Care

We are the first generation of human kind on earth to use our eyes so much. But the trend is still only accelerating. We have to begin to take care of our eyes in the right way.

Eye Anatomy – Ciliary Body
The ciliary body is a muscle group that controls the shape of the lens. It is responsible for our ability or inability to see near or far. The muscle group is located at the inner edge of both eye bones above and below.

Near Sighted Eyes
The lens is overly curved or your eyeball is too long, which brings images of distant objects to a focus point in front of the retina.

Far Sighted Eyes
The lens is too flat or your eyeball is too short, which causes the focus point of the eye to be located behind the retina.

The lens has a non-smooth shape and cannot bring light to focus at a single point. Instead, it focuses images over a range of points producing a blurred image.

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