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Natural Remedies For Depression

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Depression is a state of mind. According to experts, depression is marked by a persistent sad and/or irritable mood that exceeds normal sadness or grief. Depression is extremely common in today’s society. In the past few years, there has been increasing attention paid to the use of natural remedies for depression and anxiety. Effective natural remedies can improve mood and alleviate troubling symptoms. When looking at the possibility of being on medication for life, many people who suffer this condition are turning to natural treatment. Natural remedies for depression include following a well-balanced diet, adequate exercise, and sufficient relaxation. These help maintain a harmonious balance in the human body.

The mainstream medical profession tend to prescribe medications for depression without looking at causes, diet, lifestyle and other factors. Natural remedies have received a recurrent interest as contemporary culture has become more enthused about herbs and therapies used in times past. Natural antidepressants have recently been attracting an increasing number of patients because of the numerous side effects of pharmaceutical drugs commonly used to treat depression. Many renowned hospitals and clinics have programs that involve natural remedies for depression.

Depression is a difficult thing to deal with, more so than most people think. There are many mental and physical symptoms associated with this condition. The most prominent symptoms of depression are sadness, loss of energy, lack of interest in the world around and fatigue. Associated symptoms include feeling hopeless, helpless; losing interest in previously enjoyable activities; an inability to be cheered by normally happy events; feeling withdrawn and sluggish, sleeping excessively, craving sweet and starchy foods and gaining weight. Symptoms such as headaches or gastric distress can originate from emotional issues. A person suffering from depression may be excessively talkative or may be very quiet; may prefer to be alone; may exhibit lack of concentration, mood swings and constant irritability. Other symptoms are loss of appetite, giddiness, itching, nausea, agitation, impotence or frigidity, constipation, aches and pains all over the body. Physical, mental, and emotional stress can aggravate the symptoms. Ranging from mild to severe forms, depression symptoms leave a wake of dysfunction that cannot be willed away or ignored. The symptoms are many and widely varied. Without treatment, symptoms can last for weeks, months, or years. Natural treatments can eliminate the feelings and symptoms of depression.

Research into natural remedies for depression has indicated that mood-enhancing chemicals go a long way in keeping you relaxed and happy. B vitamins are known to be deficient in people who suffer from depression. Vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid feature prominently in the various natural remedies for this condition. Herbs such as St John’s Wort, Valerian root, Kava-Kava, Damiana, and Ginseng are believed to be beneficial. St John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) has for centuries been one of the most commonly used natural remedies for depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. It is widely used as an alternative to antidepressants. Vitamin and mineral therapies have proven to be very effective. Progesterone therapy is one of the most effective natural remedies for depression. It aids the metabolism of serotonin and dopamine, both known to play a role in depression. The humble apple is one of the most valuable remedies for mental depression. Taken with milk and honey, this remedy will act as a very effective nerve tonic and recharge the nerves with new energy and life. Acupuncture can act as an antidepressant by improving mood and symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, changes in appetite and anxiety. Herbs for depression combined with a regimen of healthy eating, exercise and daily, enjoyable diversions can effectively reduce problematic symptoms that hinder a normal life.

The growing awareness of side effects has spurred an interest in alternative treatments. Natural remedies for depression can be extremely effective in combating this debilitating illness. With approximately 20 million adults being diagnosed with depression this year, it is no wonder so many people seek natural healing therapies that support overall health and functioning (rather than just suppressing symptoms).

People with depression often feel there is no hope and think that they have no alternative but to accept their symptoms and the problems that are causing them. Consulting a health care professional is of vital importance. Depression can be treated successfully and naturally to give you a new lease of life.

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A Colon Cleansing Program

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

The popularity of colon cleansing programs is growing as more and more people learn the health benefits derived from a clean colon. There are many programs available and some can even be tailored to fit each individual. Your doctor can help you find the cleansing program that is right for you.

And because our colon serves as the sewage system of our body, it needs not much proof that we need to keep it in proper working order. A recent study by the Royal Society of Medicine in Europe reveals that there are around 36 deadly toxins which can come from our colon.

A colon detoxification diet offers assistance in efficiently flushing out the harmful build up of toxic substances on our colon. Strict compliance with this diet can grant an individual the chance to get back to optimum health. If you are wondering what a colon detoxification diet is all about, then you’ve come to the right place. Good news is, as compared to the more famous diet plans in the market today, this diet program is just simple, and the ingredients can be easily be bought in your local grocery or just inside your kitchen.

Fruits and Juices–it is no secret that fruits are nature’s wonderful elixirs, and they are capable of bringing upon good things upon the body. In this program, eating fruits and adequate water is highly recommended. Most fruits contain powerful antioxidants and are rich in fiber–just what you need for a smoother bowel movement. Keep in mind that you must eat only fresh fruits, not canned or preservative-filled packages.

Vegetables–normally, veggies are labeled good for the body, but while you are in a colon detoxification diet, it is advised that you keep away from the starchy types like parsnips and potatoes and go for raw vegetables and salads instead as these are healthier alternatives. If for some reason you don’t like the impression of eating them raw, steaming it would be a good idea as this does not strip away its nutrients. Vegetables are also rich in fiber and can help sweep up the toxins in your colon.

Herbs–herbal medications are readily available in many drugstores nowadays, and they are designed to clear the colon and digestive tract of all impurities. Taking herbal supplements like these is highly recommended in your colon detoxification program. Good examples are bayberry, turkey rhubarb and ginger. These herbs not only help in the detoxification process but also help improve blood circulation.

While undergoing a detoxification diet, it is best to stay away form meat because our system has a hard time digesting it, and can also cause our body to produce acids which in turn require our body to have more cleaning tasks. If you must consume meat, make sure you tone it down to small portions and gradually remove it from your daily menu. Dairy products are unmistakably part of the American diet. But come to think of it, a lot of individuals are still having osteoporosis despite regular milk consumption! The reason for this is that the calcium content of dairy products is not the kind of calcium which is readily absorbed by our body. Bread and pastries are also one of the things you need to avoid while in this detoxification program, as well as drinking coffee too.