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Guide To Menopause Treatments

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Menopause treatment begins with a change in a woman’s dietary habits. One has to take calcium in the form of tablets or in natural dairy products and vegetables. She must decrease consumption of caffeine products like tea and coffee. This is helpful in preserving bone density and increases absorption of calcium.

Other menopause treatments include physical exercises to build strong bones. This must be in the form of a brisk walk or weightlifting exercises to strengthen her bones. Exercising regularly also helps in weight reduction. It is good for the heart and can reduce one’s cholesterol level.

Menopause treatments for hot flushes involve consumption of natural products like soy and tofu that contain natural estrogens. One can have them in raw or cooked form. Scientific studies indicate that soy definitely reduces hot flushes.

Menopause medicines can form a part of menopause treatments. The intake of belladonna and clonidine can considerably reduce hot flushes. However, one must study their side effects before consuming them. Some medicines induce sleep while others can be dangerous for those having blood pressure.

It may be time to make a tiny change. Consider Vivelle-Dot , the #1 prescribed transdermal estrogen patch.* Taking Vivelle-Dot as prescribed can help you stay in control of your moderate to severe hot flushes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness and atrophy associated with menopause. And as long as you are on Vivelle-Dot, you are helping to protect your bones from postmenopausal osteoporosis (thin, weak bones). The tiny Vivelle-Dot patch is an estrogen-only treatment that’s applied to your lower abdomen twice a week. Vivelle-Dot delivers a continuous flow of estradiol (a form of estrogen like your body’s own). The translucent patch is the smallest, most discreet patch available. And it sticks with you — during exercise, in the shower, even in the pool.

Another very popular menopause treatment is hormone replacement therapy. This therapy involves taking the estrogen and progesterone hormones orally or in the form of topical creams. Women who have their uterus intact must take both hormones in regulated doses. It is important to decide the dose as per the doctor’s directions since the intake varies from person to person.

Hormone therapy is available in the form of tablets and creams. Women under 50 years experiencing early menopause can safely take these types of menopause treatments. However, one must undertake a mammogram once in two years, if on hormone therapy. A host of menopause treatments is now widely available due to rapid advances in science. However, a woman must take a suitable treatment according to her needs and strictly under a doctor’s supervision.