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Importance of Nutrition

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Conventional medicine has determined that 80% of all disease is caused by poor nutrition. Good nutrition is the groundwork for good health. Many people realize this and want to eat well but do not know how to go about it. A nutritional consultation will help the individual determine the right foods and supplements for their particular body type.

We offer Nutrition consultations balancing body chemistry using tissue mineral analysis.

How do you determine which supplements to take? Find out the best foods and supplements for you based on your individual mineral balance and metabolism rate.

Tissue mineral analysis is an analytical test that measures the mineral content of your hair. Your hair provides a lasting record of nutritional and metabolic activity that has happened during the period of its growth. Because of this, levels of nutrient mineral and toxic minerals can be determined through analysis of your hair. The hair sample, obtained by cutting the first inch and one of half of growth from the scalp at the nape of the neck is tested in a licensed clinical laboratory to achieve accurate results.

With a personalized analysis you will discover how to:
Increase energy and vitality
Normalize weight
Better withstand stress
Have clarity of mind and emotional stability
Prevent disease