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Boys deserve the same protections as girls. Explores the inequity of allowing genital cutting for males but disallowing it for females.
Circumcision Information
This site aims to provide unbiased information about circumcision.
Circumcision: A lifetime of medical benefits
By Dr. Schoen.
Circumvent Circumcision
Provides information and resources for filing circumcision related physician complaints with state medical boards.
CIRP: Circumcision Information and Resource Pages
Contains medical, legal, historical, ethical, religious and human rights references.
EuroCirc Cutting Club
English and European language contacts.
Genital Integrity Awareness Week April 1 - April 7, 2002
Stop Infant Circumcision Society.
Global Women Intact
Specializing in female circumcision, genital mutilation, and alternative ritual of passage information.
In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child
An extensive collection of poignant and brutally honest text and explicit pictures that really 'Tells it like it is.'
The struggle for genital integrity and against the involuntary genital modification of children of any sex.
International Circumcision Information Reference Centre
Information about male circumcision.
Jim Hopper, PhD.
If circumcision is sexual child abuse, how does that affect the male when he grows up? The sexual abuse of boys.
Sex as Nature Intended It
Book shows that circumcision has untold adverse effects on the sexuality of both the man and his female partner.
The National Children's Cancer Society
The N.C.C.S. reaches out to children with cancer and their families by providing support for their medical and emotional needs.
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