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Alleviate Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Peter Eckhart, MD claims that fibrocystic breast disease is alleviated by avoiding chemical estrogens and taking Natural Progesterone.
Alternatives in Gynecology
A gynecologist discusses causes, diagnosis, and treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding, hysterectomy and alternatives, fibroids and myomectomy, endometrial ablation, and other advances and options in gynecology.
Breast Biopsy and Findings
Answers to questions that arise with discovery of breast abnormality.
Breastcare Campaign
Information for women with benign breast problems.
Cure Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Elizabeth Smith, M.D. reviews the most recent scientific advances in the cause of fibrocystic breast disease and John Lee, M.D.'s success in treating it.
Dense Breast
Educational tool for physicians, healthcare providers and patients on the issue of dense breast tissue and diagnostic procedures.
Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging
Learn how DITI can improve the early detection of potential Breast disorders.
Offers relief products for Burning Tongue and Mouth Syndrome (oral dyesthesia), messageboard,and latest research.
A consumer web site for information about gynecologic anatomy and diseases.
Joan English Fund for Women's Cancer Research
Specific research project aimed at curing womens cancers - ovarian, breast, endometrial, cervical and colon.
Pelvic Pain and Organic Dysfunction Syndrome (PPOD)
Information about the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pelvic pain and disturbances of bladder, bowel, gynecologic and sexual function.
Urogynecology Associates of Louisville
Treating women with urinary incontinence and prolapse (bulging) of the bladder, vagina and/or uterus.
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