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Tampax Community for Girls/Women
A community for young girls, teenagers and women worldwide where they can express their feelings about health issues and get answers to important questions.
Gallery of art works created with tampons, letters section, articles, and links.
The Cycles Page
A web-based application for tracking and predicting monthly menstrual periods.
The Period Pages
Provides information, positive attitudes and resources about menstruation, women's health, spirituality, and puberty.
The Sacred Cycle
A powerful and transformational work which addresses what it is to be female. It empowers women by embracing the biological cycle and dispels the negative programming women receive from society.
The TLounge
A place where young women can find answers about menstruation.
Thermachoice Take Control of Heavy Periods
Offers details about Gynecare Thermachoice Uterine Balloon Therapy System, a treatment alternative. Includes the symptoms, a self quiz, and causes.
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