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Middle Ear Disease and Allergy
Presents evidence to document that persistant fluid in a child's middle ear is the result of allergy and not infection.
NYC Pollen Count
Pollen count updates for both local and national pollen count and mold spore count.
Allergy and asthma relief catalog that carries environmental control products.
Rubber tip that turns a Water Pik into a nasal irrigator.
SinuCare, Inc.
Program is for people with sinus pain from infection or allergies.
Sinus Buster
Capsicum pepper based nasal spray for the relief of sinus and allergy symptoms, as well as cluster and migraine headaches.
Sinus Solution Company
Provides a system for cleaning sinus passages.
York Nutritional Laboratory
Specializes in food intolerance testing. Site contains information on services offered as well as details on specific allergies.
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