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Response Genetics
developers of the Danenberg Tumor Profile (DTP), an analysis of the specific genetic profile of the patient's tumor used to identify effective chemotherapy treatment options.
provides general information for patients and their families.
Schine On-Line Services
Findcure: How to find your best cancer treatment options, by Cancer survivor and author Gary Schine, who found his own cure.
Strength for Living: Cancer
dedicated to providing information on anaemia and fatigue in cancer. This information is provided for patients, carers, and healthcare professionals.
Target VEGF
offers educational resource for medical professionals with an interest in angiogenesis, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and their relationship to cancer.
The Cancer Club
Humorous products for people with cancer; topics on therapeutic humor, breast cancer, cancer survival.
The Cancer Supportive Care Programs
Book excerpts covering such topics as psychosocial issues, support, nutrition, pain control and spirituality.
WFR/Aquaplast Corporation
describes the use of Aquaplast RT Custom Bolus material in radiation therapy cancer treatment.
World Oncology Network
World directory of cancer specialists and hematologists.
WSIB Asbestos Claim Process
How To File WSIB Asbestos Claim, Read About Asbestos Injury, Cancer and WSIB Cases And Policy. Cancer Life Center
Presents an array of resources. Supported in partnership by the Ortho Biotech pharmaceutical firm.
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