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Jala Neti for Sinus Infection
Provides information on sinus irrigation to treat sinus problems.
Setliff Clinic: Allergies & Sinus Conditions
Allergy and sinus specialists located in South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska.
SinuCare, Inc.
A large amount of information and articles regarding sinusitis and treatment. Features a physician locator, email newsletter, and discussion forums.
Information about sinusitis and treating it with this special nebulizer for delivering medication to the sinuses.
Sinus Info Center
Offers information on anatomy, causes, symptoms and treatments.
Sinus News
Dozens of articles related to sinus infections.
A comprehensive site on sinusitis, one of the most common diseases. With sections on the related topics of allergy and asthma.
Sinusitis and rhinology information from sinus specialist Vijay K. Anand, M.D.
The Nose and Sinus Center
Offers information about several nose and sinus problems, including anatomy.
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