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Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
Dedicated to controlling and curing asthma and allergy symptoms; southern California chapter.
Asthma Condition Center
Provides links offering information on the condition and it's treatment.
Asthma Cure
Information about many aspects of this disease, including triggers, therapy and medications.
Asthma Help
Includes general information, studies, and a personal diary, alongside a forum.
Asthma In Canada
Includes general information, and survey results. A tracker and action plan are available in a .pdf format.
Asthma Information
Offers information on diagnosis, risk factors and treatment. Includes sections for teens, adults and parents.
Asthma Information
Focuses on risk factors, triggers, management and treatment.
Asthma Insights and Reality in Europe
General information on the condition, and it's management. Also includes study results.
Asthma News in the UK and Ireland
Information about this condition from a UK perspective. Includes news articles, statistics and complemtary therapies.
Asthma Reality
A personal site by a parent. Includes information for both professionals and the public, and an international forum.
Explains how the author cured his severe condition after finding research involving the bacteria chlamydia pneumoniae. Includes research, links, and details of the treatment.
Canadian Asthma Prevention Institute
Details of research on the affects of nutritional supplements.
Canadian Lung Association
provides information about respiratory health, including extensive asthma resources, and news and announcements for each provincial lung association.
Chemical Sensitivity, Asthma and Allergy
Research site concerning airway hyperreactivity. Includes abstracts, and information to download. [.pdf format]
Ed's Asthma Track
Support and resources for parents, including an action plan for caregivers. Offers journals, email list and a message board.
Healthy Life Network
Membership offers a personal medical record and diary, plus access to a forum and chat rooms.
Animations, research and questions.
James Method
Information about an alternative, drug-free treatment. Includes a list of trained practitioners and testimonials.
National Asthma Campaign
Includes general information, a personal plan, and message board. Offers sections for Health Professionals and Researchers.
Divided into four sections, this site offers information about causes, symptoms and treatment, as well as allergic reactions.
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