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About Sleep Disorders
Discusses the types of sleep disorders, and how anxiety and diet may influence rest. Suggests keeping a daily record and taking a polysomnography test (sleep study).
An International Journal of Sleep, Dream, and Hypnosis
A multidisciplinary journal, published quarterly. An international forum for opinion within the field of sleep, dream, and hypnosis research interests.
offers articles and streaming videos addressing sleeping disorders.
Kleine-Levin Syndrome
Provides information and support for those people who have KLS or who have a loved one with KLS and to provide them the opportunity to get in touch with other KLS persons.
Narcolepsy & Sleep Disorders Newsletter
resources for patients and physicians.
information, links and resources pertaining to sleep and consciousness, with an emphasis on sleep disorders.
Night Terrors Resource Center
A site dedicated to finding more information on the Sleep Disorder Night Terrors. Site includes links and a message board
sleep resource and reference guide filled with information and suggestions to overcome sleeplessness and insomnia.
Sleep and Health
A resource dedicated to advancing the public's knowledge of sleep disorders, alertness, mood, performance and other health related issues.
includes forums, focus groups, seminars, conferences, and meetings.
This site is dedicated to educating, aiding researchers in the sleep domain, clinicians and basic scientists.
Talk About Sleep, Inc.
service organization dedicated to information and awareness regarding sleep issues.
The Sleep Connection
Offers information about sleep anpnea and other sleep disorders.
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