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About Teen Health
Information and resources for teen health and sexual issues.
Alliance To End Childhood Lead Poisoning
works to protect children from lead and other home environmental health hazards.
Carbon Monoxide Safety Checklist
offers information about detection devices and deaths caused by gas.
Chromium Central
offers information about chromium toxicology and chromium-related environmental issues for professionals and the general public.
Coalition Opposed to PCB Ash in Monroe County, Inc. (COPA)
dedicated to presenting information concerning the PCB problem in South Central Indiana.
Substantive info on biological and health effects of EMFs from common sources such as power lines, electrical wiring, appliances, medical equipment.
Environmental Health
Environmental health needs more care along with high level of protection as it is one of the vital factors of our life.
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity, electrosensitivity, oversensitivity to electricity, and VDT injured are different names of the same condition; people all experience symptoms from electric devices.
information on the dangers of contaminated natural gas.
Mercury In Schools
provides school and agency staff with the information and tools needed to reduce or eliminate mercury in schools.
PCBs in Food: Knowing the Risks and Benefits of Salmon and Other Foods
provides information on minimizing PCB intake in one's diet and choosing foods with the greatest health benefits relative to the trace amounts of PCBs they may contain.
World Trade Center (WTC) Health Registry
comprehensive and confidential health survey of those most directly exposed to the events of 9/11. It will give health professionals a clear picture of the health consequences of 9/11.
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