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Australasian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS)
for radiation protection specialists in Australia and New Zealand.
EMFacts Information Service
on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation, mobile phones, powerlines.
Eneabba Walkabout
Problems with the technological enhancement of natural radioactivity and about 1,000 'radiation-related' links to about 170 countries.
Geislavarnir r?kisins
Icelandic radiation protection institute (in English and Icelandic).
Health Physics
Journal of the Health Physics Society. Provides abstracts and information about online subscription, services and author submission materials.
Microwave News
covers the health and safety issues related to exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Includes electromagnetic fields (EMFs) power lines, cellular phones and radar.
National Radiological Protection Board
providing advice and information on radiation protection in the U.K.
Discussion, study materials, and employment information for workers in the nuclear power industry, primarily geared towards Health Physics Technician / Radiological Control Technicians (RCT).
Power Line Environmental Web
exploring the dangers of transmission power lines, specifically the Wilson-Red Rock line, Minnesota.
Radiation and Public Health Project
nonprofit educational and scientific organization dedicated to furthering understanding the relationship between low-level nuclear radiation and public health.
Radiation Safety Information
offers links to sites with information on radiation safety, protection, and legislation in the U.K. and worldwide.
Useful Radiation Safety Sites and References
Directory of websites with information on radiation safety, (both ionizing and non-ionising); advice on radiation protection; and links to UK legislation.
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