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Audio Controle Inc.
makers of hearing aid instrumentation.
AudioMed, Inc.
distributors of audiometric and other hearing related equipment.
Hearing aid, assistive technology, targetted hearing. Personal listening device Babble. Hear better in noisy conditions.
Dudley Hearing Aid Products
providing answers, products, services and information for the deaf and hearing aid user.
Entific Medical Systems
offers BAHA (bone anchored hearing aids and sound processors) and osseointegration systems for facial rehabilitation.
Knowles Electronics Inc.
cylindrical microphones, receivers, transducers, instrutments, directional electret controls, acoustics, piezo ceramics and vibration sensors.
Micro-Tech Hearing Instruments
provides solutions for the hearing-impaired and the hearing-health community.
Oticon Inc.
digital hearing aid instruments and assistive listening devices. General information on hearing loss symptoms, hearing impairment, and hearing aid care.
Potomac Technology
retailer of hearing assistive devices including TTYs, amplified phones, alerting devices, and specialty items.
Tondi Electronics
manufacturer of hearing aids.
United Hearing Systems Inc.
dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of hearing aids.
international manufacturer of digital hearing aids.
Williams Sound Corp.
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