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Guide to Health Informatics
Publication by Prof. Enrico Coiera. 2nd edition with sample content, resources, glossary and references. Links to extensive publication bibliography.
Health Data Management
Journal on health informatics and related areas. Monthly publication with full article text available as well as news and trends information.
Health Informatics Europe
Online journal of news, developments and resources of medical and health informatics across Europe.
Healthcare Informatics Online
A monthly magazine for informatics managers.
Journal of Medical Internet Research
International scientific peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of research, information, and communication in the healthcare field using Internet and Intranet-related technologies.
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association
Current articles with full text and abstracts. Archives available as well as details for authors. Customized alerts, details of editorial board, guestbook and mirrored site links.
The British Journal of Healthcare Computing and Information Management.
The contents, list, editorial and abstracts of main articles are online, plus details of BJHC events.
The Informatics Review
An on-line journal devoted to the field of clinical informatics and computer-based decision making.
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