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Advance for Audiologists
Offers content relevant to audiologists, including job listings, industry news, practice management, new treatments, marketing, regulatory information and salary surveys.
Audiology Online
Online continuing education / CEUs, news and information, jobs, classifieds, and topics related to the audiology profession.
Audiology Products
manufactures and sells the SoundShower, an assistive listening device, and infection control covers for headphones, telephones, and keyboards.
current lists, newsgroup, and web resources related to audiology.
AuditData a/s
develops and maintains software for audiology, including administrative software systems for hearing clinic functions, and modules for programming digital hearing instruments.
nationwide provider of audiological testing and treatment services.
Harris Communications, Inc.
offering assistive listening devices such as TTYs, amplified phones, videos, books, and novelities for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.
Hear PO
national hearing plan offering Audiology a voice in the competitive managed care market including a network of audiologists that covers the U.S.
Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers
HEARNET is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of repeated exposure to excessive noise levels.
specializing in hearing aids, loss, and treatment from in-the-canal to behind-the-ear.
sells hearing aids, listening devices, batteries, and hearing aid repair services.
Otoacoustic Emissions
Expanding OAE auditory research and technology resource.
Precision Audiotronics
pearls in-ear monitors, ER-15 musician's plugs and custom-molded ear devices.
Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation
distributes in-ear monitors for controlling the damaging effects of high sound levels experienced by musicians and production personnel.
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