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Divers Alert Network
A non-profit international organization, with its emergency hotline, provides dive safety and medical information, medical research programs, first aid training programs, emergency oxygen equipment, and affordable accident insurance.
Diving Medicine Online
Comprehensive information about diving and undersea medicine for the non-medical diver, the non-diving physician and the specialist. Online physicians and consultants answer questions about diving medical problems.
European Underwater and Baromedical Society
Dedicated to the study and promotion of diving and hyperbaric medicine.
Hyperbaric Medicine Unit , Grampian University Hospital
Information for SCUBA divers by the Grampian University Hospitals NHS Trust Hyperbaric Medicine Unit about their services as well as treatment of the bends and CO poisoning.
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society
A professional organization representing physicians, nurses and technicians in the field of hyperbaric medicine.
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