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Academy Of Ambulatory Foot Surgery
provides basic information for patients, and contact information for physicians.
A database of all aspects of podiatric medicine and surgery for Podiatrists,including conferences, podiatry news and continuing education newsletter.
Feet for Life
guide to foot health, including how to find your local chiropodist/podiatrist in the U.K. Official site of The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.
Foot & Ankle Web Index
free information on foot ailments and a podiatrist referral service.
Foot Care Direct
footcare information source.
Foot Dr. Link
refers foot specialists throughout the United States.
Foot Talk
resource for info on foot disorders and podiatry.
Foot Web
resource for finding information about foot related health care problems, foot care providers, as well as footcare products.
message board for those who are suffering from tarsal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and other foot and ankle problems and injuries.
A website and newsletter for Podiatry assistants. Covers information on business management, up coming events and networking.
International Consensus on the Diabetic Foot
update on research and management of diabetic foot problems.
Miami Beach Foot and Ankle Center
Specializing in office-based minimal incision foot surgery.
Podiatry Channel
Information and resources on foot and ankle conditions.
Podiatry Network
Information for professionals and patients about podiatry and foot disorders.
Podiatry Online
resource for podiatrists and others involved in the medical care of feet.
Podiatry Online
Resources on pratice management, careers and patient care for Podiatrists.
Podiatry Today
publication includes articles related to practice management secrets, the latest in surgical innovations, and more.
Podiatric resource based in the UK. Includes a forum, news and education section.
The Foot Specialist
Provides analysis and recommendations for common foot and ankle problems.
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