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Clenching Syndrome
Information about clenching teeth.
CMR, Inc.
Products, services and information for the TMJ patient and physician.
Dental Compression Syndrome
Offers information on DCS, which is the centuries-old bad habit of compressing and grinding one's teeth.
Dr Shankland
Dr Shankland offers some good basic information about TMJ dysfunction, as well as promoting his book for sale.
International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics
Professional organization dedicated to objective measurement in diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders.
Jaw Joints and Allied Musculoskeletal Disorders Foundation
Extensive information about TMJ disorders and advice.
The TMJ Association, Ltd.
Provides information to patients, health professionals and the public.
TMJ Care Hawaii
Dedicated to people who suffer from Temporo Mandibular Joint problems, also referred to as Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction, Cranio Mandibular Dysfunction and Myofacial Pain Dysfunction. Includes a quiz.
TMJ Treatment Directory
Directory of dentists and other healthcare professionals providing the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of TMJ syndrome.
Comments about the diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular disorders from the prospective of Dr. Holleman, who has practiced over thirty years, and who maintains a practice devoted exclusively to the non-surgical management of TMD.
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